Italy - Via Selinuntina

An ancient coastal artery that connected Sicily from East to West

A coastline inhabited and colonised by ancient Mediterranean peoples.

The Via Selinuntina is a very ancient road designed by the Greeks to connect Syracuse to Kamarina, Gela and Agrigento, until reaching Selinunte; only later did the Romans extend the route towards Lilybaeum (today Marsala) and Erice.  

The final part of the Via Selinuntina opens on one side to the marvellous rural area of the Terre Sicane, also known as the Lands of the Leopard, for having inspired Giuseppe Tomasi di Lampedusa in his celebrated work, and on the other to the sea, where, between Menfi and Selinunte, the beaches of the Oasi del Belice, which has been awarded the blue flag over the years, stretch out. 
Our Hidden Mediterranean conceals the wonder of Sambuca di Sicilia, its millenary history with an Arab flavour that can be breathed in the alleys of the village, Lake Arancio with the Mazzalakar fortress and the incredible rural landscape; it reveals the charm of Gibellina and its heritage of contemporary art; it recites the poetry of Santa Margherita Belice and its literary treasure linked to the Gattopardo; paints Menfi and the vineyards that reach the sea in an explosion of all shades of blue and green; tells of Selinunte and its seaside village and Europe's largest archaeological park; and again, makes us dream with its olive groves, thermal baths, monastery pastries, traditional country recipes and the taste of the island's wine excellence.

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The gems of the Via Selinuntina

Via Selinuntina Italy

Discover the “Land of the Leopard Princes”

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