Jordan - Umm Qais

In the Northern Region of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan

The town of Um Qais, used to be known as the city of “Gadara” and is one of the 10 citifies in Jordan, from the Hellenistic and Roman period. Historically, it was strategically located on trade routes and is rich with ruins featuring Greek statues and Christian mosaics.

At 28 Km from the city of Irbid, and 364 M above sea level, it overlooks the snowy summits of Jabal Al-Sheikh in Lebanon, Golan heights in Syria and the Lake of Tiberias in Palestine. In Umm Qais the Archeological site was rediscovered in the 19th century, and excavations began in the 1930s by the Jordan Department of Antiquities, which was founded in 1928. 

More than 6,000 inhabitants live in Um Qais, over an area of 36 KM2 of mostly forestry terrain. The local business community and entrepreneurs are excelling in areas of handicrafts which include textiles, accessories and other artifacts, agricultural, but most importantly, the chance to engage with local communities cultures and exchange ideas and learn from each other.

Near the Archeological site you will find the Yarmouk Natural Reserve, Yarmouk Forest Reserve is located within the Mediterranean bio-geographical zone, which provides a warm climate in summer and a cold one in winter with an average rainfall of 400 mm/year.
As will Natural hot spring of Al-Himmah, which is famous for its hot water that comes out of the ground, and this water is containing mineral salts and natural materials that are rare in the world. Al-Hammah includes resorts and rest houses for tourists, as these rest houses and resorts are emerging projects and are based on development year after year.

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